Welcome to Roseland Shilohs. We are Anthony & Stacey Andres. We share our home in western Pennsylvania with our daughter Cara and our dogs. Our Lhasa Apos rescues, Shelby & Chloe, Shih Tzu Nicky, and of course our beautiful Shiloh Shepherds, Annie & her daughters, Rozie & Jazlyn. We are truly blessed to have each of them in our lives, they are each unique and very dear to us in their own way.

Our first encounter with a Shiloh Shepherd was at a dog picnic with several new friends that we were just meeting. It was there that we met a stunning Shiloh Shepherd male with the sweetest, most loving temperament you could imagine. It was after this chance meeting we began our researching of the Shiloh breed. The more we read the more in love with the breed we became, what an amazing dog this was! Our many months of research led us to our beautiful, magnificent Annie (Azzaro‘s Zeus/Zebrina)! She flew home to us in the late fall of 2010 and from the time we met her at the airport she has amazed us each day after! She is the sweetest girl in the world and after her arrival she made herself right at home. To this very day she continues to impress us and make us proud in the way she carries herself everywhere we go.

After much thought we will be starting our breeding program with Annie this year. We feel Annie to be a fantastic contribution to the Shiloh Shepherd breeding program with her amazing temperament and more importantly her wonderful health statistics. We are breeding for sound, confident temperaments, size, beauty, and most of all the health of the breed. We love the Shiloh breed and have met so many amazing people through our Annie that we are very proud to move forward and be a part of the future of Shiloh Shepherds!